Water Research Foundation (WRF) is the leading not-for-profit research cooperative that advances the science of water to protect public health and the environment. Governed by utilities, WRF delivers scientifically sound research solutions and knowledge to serve our subscribers and stakeholders in all areas of drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and reuse. Since 1966, WRF has funded more than 1,500 drinking water-related projects valued at over $500 million. Additionally, over 20 years ago, WRF began addressing the broadening research needs of our subscribers and the water sector as a whole. WRF has sponsored over 180 projects, valued at more than $69 million, on wastewater, reuse, desalination, and stormwater. In 2013, WRF’s Board of Utility Leaders developed a strategic plan to ensure that WRF’s research agenda effectively addressed all areas of One Water, and in 2016, this enhanced focus can be seen through projects addressing the needs of the entire water community.

Here are some examples from the more than 40 projects that WRF has funded in 2016:

  • Incentives for Green Infrastructure Implementation on Private Property
  • Challenges and Practical Approaches to Water Reuse Pricing
  • Upgrading Workforce Skills to Meet Demands of an Intelligent Water Network
  • Managing Water and Wastewater Utility Data to Reduce Energy Consumption and Cost
  • Rates and Mechanisms of Lead Phosphate Formation, Aggregation, and Deposition for More Efficient Corrosion Control
  • Project Delivery Performance Evaluation and Decision Support Tool for Water and Wastewater Capital Projects
  • Conventional Drinking Water Treatment of Alternative Water Sources: Source Water Requirements
  • Building-Scale Treatment for Direct Potable Water Reuse & Intelligent Control for Real Time Performance Monitoring
  • Practical Condition Assessment and Failure Probability Analysis of Small Diameter Ductile Iron Pipe
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