Water Research Foundation Funding Proposal Guidelines

​Our proposal guidelines are designed to ensure consistency and expedite the review process. Use the worksheets below to assist with proposal development.

Federal Agreements: (provided here as informational only)
CECWaterRFAgreement500-10-056-Part 1-signed.pdfCEC WaterRF Agreement 500-10-056-Part 1
CECWaterRFAgreement500-10-056-Part 2-signed.pdfCEC WaterRF Agreement 500-10-056-Part 2
EPACooperativeAgreementEM-83406801-1.pdfEPA Cooperative Agreement EM-83406801-1
CooperativeAgreementEM83484801-0.pdfEPA Cooperative Agreement EM-83484801-0
EPACooperativeAgreementX83294801-0.pdfEPA Cooperative Agreement X83294801-0
INFR1SG09WaterRF-WERFAmend4Inclusive.pdfINFR1SG09 WaterRF-WERF Amend 4 Inclusive
NOAAGrantNA13OAR431012509-2013Summary.pdfNOAA Grant NA13OAR4310125 2009-2013 Summary
R12AC80141-throughMod2.pdfR12AC80141- through Mod 2

Focus Area Program

The Focus Area Program enables us to solve broadly relevent subscriber issues and challenges with a targeted, sustained research effort. The program is developed around research focus areas; discrete, high-priority problems to be solved, or opportunities to be realized, for subscribers. Learn more.

Focus Area Proposal Guidelines (PDF)
Focus Area Worksheets:
FAQs.pdfFAQs for Online Proposal Submission
FinancialandGrantManagementResearcherGuidelines.pdfFinancial and Grant Management Researcher Guidelines
InstructionsforBudgetPreparation.pdfInstructions for Budget Preparation
PeriodicReport_Attachment1.pdfPeriodic Report Format And Content
BudgetForm.xlsProposal Budget Form
ProposalCoverWorksheet.dotProposal Coversheet
SampleBudgetNarrative.pdfSample Budget Narrative
TutorialForOnlineProposals.pdfTutorial for Online Proposal Submission
Emerging Opportunities Program
The Emerging Opportunities Program enables us to quickly sponsor time-critical research on emergent, high priority subscriber issues. The program also allows us to commit co-funding for subscriber-relevant research ideas developed by approved partner organizations.
Learn more.

Emerging Opportunities Program Worksheets: (included in the guidelines, or you may download them separately)
EOProposalCoverSheet.docEmerging Opportunities Program Proposal Coversheet
InstructionsforBudgetPreparation.pdfInstructions for Budget Preparation
BudgetForm.xlsProposal Budget Form

Tailored Collaboration Program
The Tailored Collaboration Program enables us to partner directly with our utility subscribers on research. Under the Tailored Collaboration Program, a utility subscriber or group of subscribers can obtain matching funds for a research idea that they have developed.
Tailored Collaboration Program Worksheets: (included in the guidelines, or you may download them separately)
CoFundingSupportForm.docCoFunding Support Form
In-KindSupportForm.docIn-kind Support Form
BudgetForm.xlsProposal Budget Form
ProposalCoversheet.docProposal Coversheet
SampleBudgetNarrative.pdfSample Budget Narrative

Facilitated Research Services Program
The Facilitated Research Services Program enables our utility subscribers to tap into WRF’s research management expertise. In particular, WRF periodically conducts technology demonstration studies under the Facilitated Research Services Program to prove the applicability and operational capability of emerging technologies.

Technology Demonstration Study Proposal Instructions

Facilitated Research Services Worksheets:
InstructionsforBudgetPreparation.pdfInstructions for Budget Preparation
BudgetForm.xlsProposal Budget Form
WRFTechDemoStudyProposalCoverWorksheet.docTechnology Demonstration Study Proposal Cover Worksheet