Water Research Foundation Funding Contract Materials

​Read through the following links to walk through our research contract process. Each will explain our contracts, terms and conditions, and agreements. 

Focus Area Program (these basic contracts are also relevant to our other programs
Federally-FundedProjectAgreement.pdfFederally-Funded Project Agreement (PFA)
Non-Federally-FundedProjectAgreement.pdfNon-Federally-Funded Project Agreement (PFA)
Tailored Collaboration Program
MultiFundedResearchAgreement.pdfTailored Collaboration Multi Funded Research Agreement

 The Foundation generally enters into an agreement with the sponsor and cofunding utilities under the Foundation's Tailored Collaboration Program.

Facilitated Research Services Program
FacilitatedResearchServicesPFA.pdfFacilitated Research Services Letter of Agreement
TechResearchFundAgrmnt_Feb-5-2014.pdfTechnology Research Funding Agreement

Most of the following exhibits are bundled in the standard project contract, but also provided individually here as pdf or Ms Word/Excel files for data entry.

Federal Contract Exhibits
USGovtIntellectualPropRights.pdfUS Govt. Intellectual Prop Rights
EPA Funded Contract Exhibits
CertificationRegardingLobbying.pdfCertification Regarding Lobbying
LobbyingActivitiesDiscloser.pdfLobbying Activities Discloser
Standard Project Contract Exhibits
AssignmentofCopyright-ExhibitE.docAssignment of Copyright - Exhibit E
Invoice_ExhibitD.pdfInvoice - Exhibit D